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The private dining room in Manhattan’s timelessly tony 21 Club is packed with more than 60 CEOs, corporate presidents and managing partners. They represent a cross section of mostly midsize New York City-area businesses. There’s a biotech exec from Manhattan, an aerospace guy from Long Island, the head of a jewelry firm in New Jersey, a manufacturer of architectural lighting–all of them members of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)

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Learn to live with it: Becoming stress-free.
People the world over believe that stress comes from external sources.
One complains of a nagging wife or hysterical husband. Another finds fault with the demands of work or the exploitation of management. Someone else grumbles at summer being too hot or winter being too cold.
Everyone thus lives with the belief that factors outside themselves produce stress — so their entire focus is on correcting the external world.

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One of the most compelling parts of a stay at Ananda is also the most understated: While there, you will see a tilaka-clad scholar in the dining room, complete with bindi; and if you look at your schedule closely, you’ll see that there are two optional lectures a day that revolve around the subject of Vedanta, an ancient philosophy that is based on the end of the four Vedas. (It literally means “the end of knowledge.”) The scholar comes from the Vedanta Academy, a school just outside of Mumbai established by Swami A. Parthasarathy, a nearly 90-year-old guru who has been traveling the world explaining how to eradicate unhappiness for more than 60 years.

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Signs of the worldly success abound as members of the Young Presidents Organization met at a mansion in a tony New Jersey suburb, BMWs, Lexuses, and Mercedes-Benzes lined the manicured lawn. Waiters in starched shirts and bow ties passed out vegetarian canapés. And about 20 executives

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Thrive Global

During a visit to his Academy near Pune, Thrive India asked Swami A. Parthasarathy, the world’s preeminent exponent of Vedanta, an ancient Indian philosophy, to put modern-day ills in perspective. In his inimitable style, the 92-year-old put the onus of solving stress and anxiety squarely on the self.

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