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“Nobody can bring you peace and happiness except yourself” 


Daughter – Disciple, Swami Parthasarathy

About Sunandaji

Sunandaji is the daughter-disciple of the internationally eminent philosopher Swami A. Parthasarathy. For four decades, Sunandaji has been studying and researching the ancient indian philosophy of Vedanta and is a acclaimed leader in the field. Vedanta enables one to combine productivity with peace of mind culminating in human perfection.

Dedicating her life to the cause of human development, Sunandaji has been guiding leading organizations and universities on the practical application of Vedanta for over twenty years. She has written several research papers on the subject which have been printed in journals of international repute. as a lecturer, her presentation of ancient wisdom in contemporary thought has enthralled audiences across the world and received widespread coverage in television, radio and print media.


  • Young Presidents’ Organisation
  • Ernst and Young
  • Harvard Business School, USA
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • International Women’s Association
  • Hindustan Chamber of Commerce
  • International Social Service Organisations

“Happiness or misery is a choice you make”

Sunandaji Swamiji

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Sunandaji is a trustee of the Vedanta Cultural Foundation, India. The foundation runs the Vedanta Academy, a unique educational Institution which runs three year full-time residential courses on Vedanta for students from all over the world and also short term courses for professionals and young adults.