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What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is ancient, universal wisdom that contains the eternal principles of life and living. Vedanta helps you attain:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Efficiency and Concentration
  • Clarity in Thinking
  • Realization of Life’s Purpose

"If you make your mind your servant, it will serve you, if you let it become your master, the same mind will destroy you"

What We Do

The Foundation is dedicated to teaching the eternal wisdom of life to audiences in the United States and across the world with focus in the New York New Jersey Metropolitan area. We administer our programs without discrimination of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, personal belief and practices or other status.

Our Inspiration

Living is an art, a technique, a skill. You need to learn and practice it as you would to play a musical instrument or fly an aircraft. – A...

Vedanta In Your Work

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Vedanta In Your Life

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Swami Parthasarathy

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What is Vedanta

Vedanta is derived from two words ‘Veda‘ – Knowledge, and ‘Anta’ – End. Vedanta means the end of knowledge. This...