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The Art of Parenting

Parents innocently make two serious mistakes when raising their kids.

They don’t lead the ideal life they want their kids to lead, and constantly lecture about it!  Not only is this approach ineffective, but counterproductive as well. Kids begin to fight back till they inevitably become estranged, bitter with their parents. 

Nobody likes being told what to do all the time. The way to parent is set an example through your own life and not lecture about it.

Give your children the space they need to grow.

⟵ Watch Now Relationships Need Space

You need to learn how you can be the ideal guide to your children in crucial areas such as:

Surrender and Gratitude

Ego and Complexes

A Higher Purpose in Life

Freedom vs License

Read about how you can do so and master the art of parenting in the book “Governing Business and Relationships” by A. Parthasarathy.