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Study in India

Study in India

Vedanta Academy

Founded by A. Parthasarathy in 1988, Vedanta Academy is a world resource for study, research and dissemination of Vedanta. It offers continual three-year full-time residential courses and youth camps for students as well as corporate seminars and retreats for professionals and businesspersons. The Academy disseminates knowledge through a scientific programme of study and reflection. Encourages a spirit of enquiry. A liberal approach that enables the development of the intellect and not merely providing intelligence on a subject.

Location & Facilities

The Academy is located 108 km southeast of Mumbai, India nestled in the serene hills of Malavli. The secluded setting provides an ideal atmosphere for contemplation on the truths of life.

The Academy facilities comprise separate residential units for young men and women enrolled in the three-year course. For guests and retreat participants, there are 90 two bedded rooms. The campus houses three state of the art lecture halls, two yoga studios, gym, jogging track, cricket and soccer grounds, along with basketball, volleyball and badminton courts.

Daily Schedule

The Academy schedule runs from 4:15 am to 9:00 pm. It harnesses the different aspects of the student’s personality for self-development. The day begins with an hour and a quarter of individual study and reflection. Followed by a structured yoga session and jogging, supplemented by gymnastics and sports. Providing an hour of physical exercise.

With no weekends and vacations, every single day courses through individual study, physical exercise, lectures by Swamiji, campus work, Sanskrit lessons, group discussions, audio-visual presentations and community singing.

The schedule is designed to maintain the traditional spiritual disciplines of karma action, bhakti devotion, and jnana knowledge.

What to Expect?

Under the guidance of A. Parthasarathy, you will:

  • Experience a unique daily schedule directed to the development of your body, mind and intellect – from yoga and sports to the study of the highest knowledge known to humanity.
  • Interact with students from four continents with diverse religious, cultural and academic backgrounds including top ranking doctors and Ivy League engineers.
  • Get a glimpse of a world which is full of cheer and enthusiasm for work and play. So much so that there are no breaks for weekends and vacations.
  • Discover the fundamental truths of life and way to attain human perfection.

Three-year residential course

An intense three-year full-time residential course on Vedanta under Swami Parthasarathy at the Vedanta Academy campus in Malavli, India for students between 18 and 30 years. Graduates are awarded a diploma in Vedanta philosophy upon completion.

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