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Your Key to Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

“The world consists of pairs of opposites, dvandvas in Sanskrit. Joy and sorrow. Profit and loss. Honour and dishonour. When the intellect is weak and undeveloped, the mind is affected by the opposites. However, when the intellect is fortified with the knowledge of Vedanta, you become objective.The more objective you are, less the impact opposites have on you.

Develop your intellect and begin to live objectively. Your mind remains peaceful and balanced at all times.”

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We must know the best action to reap the best consequences

“Greed, anger passions –they belong to the realm of the mind.There is also a superior instrument –the intellect. For example, it can be said anger occurs when desire is interrupted. So, we need to modify desire, which, when out of control is destructive. Through studying the Gita, we can develop a strong intellect which can help us modify negative emotions like desire and anger.”

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User’s Manual for Life

“Vedanta is the ancient philosophy of India, dating back several thousands  years.” It is known as Sanatan Dharma, eternal principles. These principles of life do not change with  time and age. The knowledge of scriptures are as relevant as they were thousands of years ago and will continue to be applicable for all future generations,” she says.”

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Perfect Mind, Perfect Life

“What do you seek in life? Everybody will say success and peace.But, how many of you enjoy both success and peace? You may even wonder whether it is possible to be dynamic and be peaceful. Bhagavad Gita spells out this technique.”


Vedanta, More Important for Youth

“People are so unhappy. They are looking for happiness outside while it is there inside you,” she said. Unfortunately, people think that Vedanta is meant for old people. But it is more important for today’s youth than for the older generation.”

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Science of Relationships

“Vedanta is the science of life and living. It is universal and not religion. Various aspects of human life are studied, verified and converted into laws in Vedanta. One such aspect is about relating it to the world,” said Sunanda, adding that our life is defined by a series of experiences. “Life is good if the average of our experiences is good, and vice versa. To make life better, one needs to examine the ingredients of life, which are our experiences.”

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Dealing with Emotions

“Emotions are great, provided they are given a proper direction. Therefore, there is a need to develop the intellect, because each of us has a thinking capacity, which when sharpened, can give us solutions to lead a better life. “

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The Secret Behind Finding Happiness

“According to Sunandaji, the source of well-being lies within ourselves. The scriptures say our original self is to be blissful, just as the body’s original state is to be healthy. “But due to the state of mental agitation acquired when we relate to the world, there is always a procession of joys and sorrows,” she says. “This happens because we look for happiness in the wrong place –
the world.”


Achieving Balance Through Clarity of Intellect

“The study and reflection upon Vedanta enables one to develop a strong intellect. One gains
clarity in life. Control over the mind. A powerful intellect alone ensures mental peace. It also
provides concentration and consistency needed for dynamic, productive action. Such a person
alone can lead a fulfilling, purposeful and balanced life. Whether at home or at work. With
family or in society.”

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Understanding Vedanta

“People often become helpless victims to challenges in the world. Incapable of dealing with the situations, they succumb to external pressures. Vedanta fortifies the human intellect with knowledge and prepares oneself to face and overcome any challenge in the world to lead a stress-free and successful life.”

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