Recommended Online Zoom Etiquette

1) Please Log in and get settled at least 10-15 minutes before the class begins. You can enjoy bhajans (Indian devotional music) that will be played during this time and get you in the right frame of mind for class. We recommend you turn on your video so Gautamji can see who is attending and also your reactions etc. This makes it much more interesting for him to take the session. However, with the video on please treat the class as if you were attending in person and maintain the following decorum:

2) Avoid getting up to leave or shake the screen while class is in session. This is distracting for the speaker and the rest of the audience. Complete what you have to do in terms of food/drink/phone calls etc. before or after the session.

3) We recommend you login via laptop or tablet rather than phone if possible. It is more stable and the image gets through better to the speaker.

4) Seat yourself so there isn’t an open window or bright light behind you. This creates a glare that is disturbing and makes your face dark and not properly visible. Keep the blinds down completely if there is a window behind.

5) If for some reason you cannot log in by the start of the lecture session, log in with your video turned off.