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Science Of Productivity

Science Of Productivity

The mind and intellect together constitute your inner personality which is housed in your physical body. Productivity in any field of activity requires a sharp intellect and a calm mind. When the mind is disturbed with many unfulfilled desires and consequent worries and anxieties, the intellect loses its focus and… Read More »Science Of Productivity

Initiative vs Incentive

Initiative versus Incentive

The intellect plays a vital role in your business. It serves to fix an ideal beyond your self-centred interest and direct your actions towards achieving it. When you thus conduct your business objectively for a higher cause you develop the initiative within to work. An initiative drives one to work… Read More »Initiative versus Incentive


The Leader 

A leader should be well versed in the field of his activity. Possess a thorough knowledge of the subject of his business and an overall intelligence of all departments of his organisation. Which would be essential for him to effectively guide, direct his team. With his position and knowledge a… Read More »The Leader