Support Our Event

Support our event and the work of Vedanta USA by donating towards tax-deductible VIP donor pass(es) for you and your guests.

Passes entitle you to VIP area seating on September 26.  Each pass holder and sponsored guest will also receive a complimentary copy of Swami Parthasarathy’s latest book Citations Tributes Quotes, a compilation of select philosophical pieces beautifully compiled in Swamiji’s own handwriting. 

  1. VIP Donor Pass $250: Per Person
  2. Bronze Sponsor $1000: upto 4 guests
  3. Silver Sponsor $2500: upto 10 guests, 1 signed copy
  4. Gold Sponsor $5000: upto 25 guests, 2 signed copies
  5. Platinum sponsor $10,000: upto 50 guests, 5 signed copies and acknowledgement

Note: Entire amount except $20 per guest tax-deductible. Donations are non-refundable

To make sure your entire donation goes towards the cause and avoid us paying credit card processing charges, you are also welcome to send checks payable to Vedanta Cultural Foundation and mail to our address below.

Vedanta Cultural Foundation USA
500 Crossfields Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873