Three days to Introspect. Imbibe. Invigorate.

The foundation conducts retreats in the US twice each year. These retreats are an incredible opportunity to pause, introspect and look within. Under the personal guidance of Gautamji, head of Vedanta USA and senior disciple of Swami Parthasarathy, you will undergo a comprehensive program over three days in the serene setting of the beautiful Catskill mountains.

Mirroring the Vedanta academy schedule in India, the program is designed for you to delve deeper into both the practical and spiritual aspects of life and includes lectures, discussions, Q and A, select philosophical movies and literature pieces, as well as yoga, sport and devotional singing.

If you have children in the age group 8 to 14, there will be a specially designed concurrent module by Ritikaji, senior disciple of Swami Parthasarathy designed to instill higher values of life in the youth. Young adults 15 and over can join the main adult session.

Challenge yourself to imbibe these higher values and invigorate yourself. Discover a life of peace, dynamism, enthusiasm and purpose.

Feedback from past attendees

“Truly a life changing experience”

“Three days at this incredible retreat is the equivalent of attending three months of weekly lectures”

“The deep interaction with one’s peers is what I found extremely impactful. The small discussion groups enable you to discuss everyday issues and situations with people who are going through similar experiences. The result is greater clarity and understanding of the philosophy and its practical application in life”

“This is the first time my kids actually agreed with me on something! We all felt that this experience was truly beneficial. They loved it!”