Attachment Leads to Separation


See your question is whether it is a person or an object it will be separated… see separated does not mean physical only it means mental separation.

Just because you are not divorced does not mean you are not mentally separated. See If you are attached, you may physically stay on for convenience sake. Who is going to sit and now go through divorce. Children are there and all. So it is not a physical but of relationship You are completely apart from person.

So same thing happens with the object, that You become sick of the object.

You can’t enjoy that object That’s what it means… separation from object.

Attachment to Money

See for an example a person who is completely attached to money, How can they enjoy the money. So you are being separate from money.

If you are so attached to money… to enjoy it what do you have to do… spend it.. You can’t spend it.

A fellow one who is multimillionaire… salary is some 2 million dollars a year. He is running to office for for office party free pizza, salary is some million dollars a year. And he was so upset that Pizza got over… Whole afternoon he was frothing and fuming. Two dollar slice he did not get.

What is his relationship with money? Complete separation

So that Mental agitation of attachment from object level it prevents you from gaining the object.

Same thing at object level and same thing at emotional level.