Why do we feel tired

I am not saying you should not take a vacation, you should not need a vacation. They are two different things. So, this is what the mind does, friends.

The thing is not only does your mind destroy your productivity, this is what fatigues you.

That’s why you all feel tired- I call -I pick up the phone and I talk to a guy on Friday- hey, how you doing? I am hanging in there – what do you mean I am hanging in there, man? ……hmm… One more day of this and I will die, I need the weekend, I am hanging in there somehow- what does that mean? You are not, you are not lying- you are actually tired, you feel fatigued. At the end of the day you feel tired.
Anybody here have a 3-4-5-year-old? Anyone? Okay you have. How old is your (audience 5 year) 5? Now you go home-right- after a day’s work and you just sit – you sit on the couch and you are putting on the TV -your 5-year-old comes -dad come on -let’s play- let’s….
Okay, I am tired -relax- you say I am tired. Now what did you do that you are tired? (audience laughs).
Okay, you agree that your 5-year-old- you are far physically stronger than your 5-year-old, right? Yes or no? correct? anybody.
Now let’s analyze what you did from the morning and what did the five-year-old do.
What did you do? Your drove to the office in your air conditioned car, you took the elevator to your air conditioned office. (audience laughs) You sat in your airconditioned room. Even by the time you got there you felt tired, so you got some coffee. (audience laughs) and then you wrote a few emails- oh man, I am so tired, now it’s time for lunch. (audience laughs) Ok- had a nice lunch- and then you type a few more emails- You made some few calls. Then you drove back home in your air conditioned car- then you sit in the couch- I am so tired. Tired doing what?
And what did your five-year-old do? Since the morning. Jumping, kicking, running, dancing the whole day. (audience laughs) By the evening that guy should be exhausted in bed. And he is ready to roll. (audience laughs) Come on dad, let’s play. It’s amazing . I am not joking, think about it. And it’s not that you are lying- you are tired.
Why are children not tired? Children have no worries of the past -no anxiety for the future. Therefore, they are full of energy. It’s not your work that can tire you. This is a wrong concept. You believe your work tires you. It’s the fact that you don’t have control over your mind.
It’s the worry and the anxiety which saps your energy. That’s why at the end of the day you need a drink. t the end of the week you need a weekend. At the end of the year you need a vacation. You can’t do without it. You are tired.
I am not saying you should not take a vacation, you should not need a vacation. They are two different things. So, this is what the mind does, friends.
Friday evening you are hanging in there and Monday morning, you know- I was at home one day and it was a Monday morning and this lady knocked, rang the doorbell. She came in. She was the, she said I am the tax assessor, you know. From the township; And you know we are Indians; so normally our custom is we don’t wear the shoes inside the house- dirt – it gets dirt. So, I requested her very politely- Mam do you mind taking your shoes out before you enter. I was just about to do that. She shouted- I was just going to do that. I was like -I’m sorry, you know I didn’t say anything because my intellect functioned, you know. She is the tax assessor. If I show my temper, my tax bill is going to go up for the rest of my life. You know so I, I kept quiet-………and, so kept, I said it’s okay. I just didn’t say anything. So automatically she saw that I wasn’t angry, so she calmed down.
She said you know, I am really sorry but what do you expect, its Monday morning. She actually told me that. It’s like – It’s normal. Monday morning you are supposed to be agitated. It’s very sad. That- See analyze what is happening – you want to get away from your work to be happy. It’s a very sad state. So, you want to run away from work to find happiness. You must, if you can’t find happiness in what you are doing, you will never find it by getting away from it. It’s not possible. Like I said, you not take a weekend, you should not need it. The work should be like a weekend. That’s when you have control over your mind.