Stress: The Misconception

it is not the world that can give you happiness or stress. it is how you relate to it. One person takes a cigarette and smokes. He says it gives him pleasure. Another person distaste that same cigarette, right? Now if a cigarette had a pleasure inherent in it, what would happen? If it was inherent in the cigarette, what would happen? Everybody should get it.

Doesn’t work that way. person goes to his attorneys office in the city and says, i have given it my best shot, I just cant take it anymore. I want a divorce. How long does it take? Attorney says a divorce will take about a year for everything to get sorted out. He says one year! whats wrong with you. I can’t take one year more of this. Whats your fee? He says $20000. So, I will give you $50000 man, you do it in 6 months! He says okay, I will do it in 6 months. He leaves the office another guy walks in. You know that man who just left? How long for his divorce? He says, he is giving me 50 grands, I am doing it in 6months, normally taks a year. I will give you 100 grand man, do it in 2 months! You know why? Guess? The second fellow wants to marry the first guys wife! (audience laugh) Don’t laugh, okay. This is serious stuff here. (audience laugh) Whats the philosophy ? The same women, is a source of so much stress to one person, so much happiness to the other person. Now explain that!(audience laugh) And both these jokers will say, yes it’s the person! They are convienced. Its not the person its how you relate to it. and yet your whole life you are trying to change everything outside you except yourself. And therefore the samething comes back in a different way. So, Schopenhauer, the another great German philosopher says, ” ” And you are trying everywhere else except where it is.