Intellect vs Intelligence

Education, whether in business schools or otherwise does not provide basic human skills. With tragic consequences. More information, including regular lectures and retreats in NY NJ:

You know I got a call from a dean of a business school, and he said you know, I want to strengthen the ethics program at my business school because whats happening now days with all these coroporate frauds and this and that.. i think we really need to strengthen the ethics program. I said you know, do me a favor before we discuss this further, why don’t you go and take a survey of all guys inside a jail for insider trading. I am sure they got A or A+ in the ethics course in business school. and you want to do more of the same? see.. you see what I am saying, as if anybody doesnt know what is right what is wrong, but when the mind is agitated with the desire all that information goes out of window doesnt help. whats ur grade in ethics. You need intellect to be able to keep the mind under control, thats what they dont know, no business school, no school, nobody knows.